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7月21日 週五



表演〉Bucher-Countryman自由爵士二重奏 free jazz duo feat. 董昭民 Chao-Ming Tung、戴孜嬣 TAI Zihning

表演〉Bucher-Countryman自由爵士二重奏 free jazz duo feat. 董昭民 Chao-Ming Tung、戴孜嬣 TAI Zihning
表演〉Bucher-Countryman自由爵士二重奏 free jazz duo feat. 董昭民 Chao-Ming Tung、戴孜嬣 TAI Zihning


7月21日 下午8:00 – 下午10:00

新竹市, 300台湾新竹市東區興達街1號


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▋時間 ▋ 2023/07/21(五) 19:30入場 / 20:00開演

▋地點 ▋ 江山藝改所(新竹市東區興達街1號)

▋表演者 ▋ Rick Countryman(美國) / 薩克斯風 Christian Bucher(瑞士) / 鼓組

feat. 董昭民 / 簫、笛 戴孜嬣 / 中提琴

▋入場贊助 ▋ $250-350 自由定價

※ 請勿攜帶外食飲品


▋關於表演者 ▋ ● Rick Countryman Rick Countryman的錄音被形容為「最好的展現出力量、張力和啟發人心的自由音樂」—Bruce Lee Gallanter,DMG;「自由爵士樂影響深遠的一個絕佳範例」—;以及「很輕易地便能與世界各地任何地方同類型的樂團相抗衡。” —Ken Waxman,Jazzword。

Rick目前在歐洲、亞洲與美國的五個唱片廠牌發行了超過20張專輯,其中包括與日本傳奇鼓手豐住芳三郎合作的多張專輯。他跟隨Bert Wilson學習爵士即興、音程循環與概念以及延伸技巧,並且深受Eric Dolphy、Sonny Simmons和60年代自由爵士運動的影響。「Countryman的出色之處在於他的音色品質、旋律線的活力、駕馭時間的天生能力,以及由於他的宏亮音色而從他的情態脈絡中汲取所有內涵的能力。實實在在的,它是活生生的……在中音薩克斯風上的原創聲響”—Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg。

-- ● Christian Bucher Christian和Rick一起演出和錄音已有十年之久,他們的二重奏專輯《Estuary》榮獲2018年金杜菲獎(Gold Dolphy Award)。Christian擁有大量的CD、廣播和電視錄音,以及國際音樂節和巡迴音樂會。他的演奏被形容為「持續地充滿靈感和創造力……在推動力和宇宙律動之間取得平衡」—Bruce Lee Gallanter,DMG。他曾就讀於伯恩大學、蘇黎世當代音樂學院,並於琉森音樂學院師從Pierre Favre、Willy Kotoun、Marcel Bernasconi與Andreas Hermann。

-- ● 董昭民 臺灣作曲家,1969年出生於臺北,作曲師事錢南章教授、Johannes Fritsch、Mauricio Kagel及Nicolaus A. Huber。德國埃森音樂院最高藝術家文憑並以該校最優異成積畢業。同年獲頒德國科隆巿政府作曲獎及獎學金。二OO一年獲台灣國家文藝基金會的作曲贊助。二OO四年獲美國洛杉磯Villa Aurora藝術家獎學金。2006年獲許常惠作曲比賽民族樂器類第二名,2008年獲教育部文藝創作獎教師組音樂作曲特優。同年獲國藝會補助,製作他的第一張個人原創作品集《音之旅》。董昭民目前的創作,企圖將東方的人文精神及藝術思想表現在他的作品中。他的音樂創作涵蓋了中西樂器的獨奏、室內樂、交響樂、輕歌劇、戲劇音樂。董昭民擅長古箏演奏與即興,於2007年開始任教於新竹交通大學音樂研究所。

-- ● 戴孜嬣 實驗音樂家/新音樂劇場創作,在創作裡力求尋找更多聲音的可能性,以敏銳感知出的實驗音樂即興、及以縝密結構的新音樂劇場作曲,彈性在兩種完全不同心裡狀態的創作模式中平衡自我。著迷於音樂中的開放性,藉由即興演奏與開放性的機遇創作手法,更純粹的與空間、環境、人對話,喚醒聽者心中某些生命片刻,藉由創作凝聚觀者產生新的群體關係。

近期發表: 2023年《Fluxscape》戴孜嬣新音樂劇場作品集發表、2022年與舞蹈暨物理學中介藝術家林楷育合作《測不準的夢遊,野外真空實驗室》參與白晝之夜Nuit Blanche、同年與舞蹈家田孝慈×音樂家李世揚合作《Liederzyklus 連篇歌曲》 於首爾國際舞蹈節SIDanc、臺灣舞蹈平台巡迴演出。

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▋time ▋ fri, jul 21, 2023 7:30pm door opens / 8:00pm show starts

▋venue ▋ jiang shan yi gai suo no. 1, xingda st., hsinchu city

▋performers ▋ Rick Countryman (us) / sax Christian Bucher (ch) / drums

feat. Chao-Ming Tung / xiao, dizi TAI Zihning / viola

▋donation for entry ▋ $250-350 self-pricing donation

※ no outside food or drink allowed.


▋about the performers ▋ ● Rick Countryman Rick Countryman’s recordings have been described as “power, intense and inspiring free music played at its best” - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG, “a great example of the far reach of free jazz” –, and “easily stacks up against equivalent ensembles, no matter their origin.” – Ken Waxman, Jazzword.

Rick currently has over 20 albums, on 5 labels across Europe, Asia, and the US, including multiple albums with Japanese legendary drummer, Sabu Toyozumi. He studied jazz improvisation, intervallic cycles and concepts, and extended techniques with Bert Wilson; and is heavily influenced by Eric Dolphy, Sonny Simmons and the 60s Free Jazz movement. “Countryman excels by the quality of his timbre, the vivacity of his lines, his innate ability to surf the time and draw all the juice out of his modal vein thanks to his sonority. Genuine; it is lived… an original voice on the alto sax” - Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.

-- ● Christian Bucher Christian and Rick have performed and recorded together for a decade. Their duo release “Estuary” received the Gold Dolphy 2018 award. Christian has had extensive CDs, radio and TV recordings, and International festival and concert tours. His play is described as “consistently inspired and inventive…balanced between propulsion and the cosmic groove” - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG. He studied at the University of Bern, the Academy of Contemporary Music in Zurich, and with Pierre Favre, Willy Kotoun, Marcel Bernasconi and Andreas Hermann at the Lucerne Music College.

-- ● Chao-Ming Tung Chao-Ming Tung is a Taiwanese-born composer and gu-zheng player (Chinese zither). His music encompasses stage, instrumental, vocal, and electro-acoustic works, and multimedia-performances with visual arts and dance. Since 2000 he has gradually incorporated Chinese instruments into his music, and improvises with gu-zheng and live electronics in concerts. In 1988 he began composition studies with Chien Nan-Chang in the Chinese Culture University Taipei. He continued his training from 1990 -1997 at the Musikhochschule Köln Germany with Johannes Fritsch and Mauricio Kagel, and later at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen with Nicolaus A. Huber, where he graduated with distinction. Since 1999 he has worked as a freelance composer and musician, and facilitates East-West cultural exchanges. Tung's work has been presented in concerts of numerous festivals throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. He has collaborated with choreographers, dancers, painters, musicians, ensembles, sound-, media- and video artists, e.g. Annegret Heiln, René Pieters, Bernhard Gal, Klang Forum Wien, Ensemble Ictus, Ensemble Modern, ensemble 2e2m, Ensemble On-Line Vienna , ensemble DEDALO, and China Found Music Workshop Taipei. He was awarded the Bernd Alois Zimmermann Scholarship for Composers from the City of Cologne in 1999, the Scholarship of National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan in 2001 and the Scholarship of Villa Aurora Los Angles, second award of international Xu Chang Hui composition competition Taiwan. He is a composer in residence of China Found Music Workshop Taipei since 2006 and professor for composition at the National Ciao Tung University since 2007.

-- ● TAI Zihning In her creative pursuits, avant-garde musician TAI embarks on a quest to explore the vast possibilities of sound. She does so by immersing herself in the realm of experimental music improvisation and meticulously crafting intricate compositions for New Music Theater. Striking a delicate balance, she gracefully transitions between these two contrasting states of mind. Captivated by the boundless nature of music, she wholeheartedly embraces improvisation and embraces the composition technique known as "Aleatoric Music Composition," enabling her to engage in genuine and direct dialogues with space, environment, and people. Through her artistry, she awakens profound moments of life within the hearts of her listeners, uniting audiences through her creative endeavors and forging fresh communal connections.


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