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6月04日 週日



表演〉【緊急企劃 URGENT PROJECT!!!】share ELECTRONIC: Rübezahl (DE) x Ramaputratantra (ID) x LICA

表演〉【緊急企劃 URGENT PROJECT!!!】share ELECTRONIC: Rübezahl (DE) x Ramaputratantra (ID) x LICA
表演〉【緊急企劃 URGENT PROJECT!!!】share ELECTRONIC: Rübezahl (DE) x Ramaputratantra (ID) x LICA


2023年6月04日 下午7:30 – 下午9:00

新竹市, 300台湾新竹市東區興達街1號


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share ELECTRONIC: Rübezahl (DE) x Ramaputratantra (ID) x LICA

▋時間 ▋ 2023/06/04(日) 19:00入場 / 19:30開演

▋地點 ▋ 江山藝改所(新竹市東區興達街1號)

▋入場贊助 ▋ $200-300自由定價

※ 請勿攜帶外食飲品


▋關於表演者 ▋ ● Rübezahl 阿滷 來自德國的聲音藝術家、電子音樂家和樂器創作者,目前居留在台灣。近年來他也頻繁參與劇場合作。表演時除了使用自己組裝、改裝的DIY電子樂器,會吹神奇的竹笛,甚至會用Gameboy遊戲機做音樂,是個常有創意迸發熱愛即興實驗的音樂人。喜歡旅行,在2018年跟夥伴從德國出發騎腳踏車回到台灣,並且在路上安排演出與別的交流活動。他們曾在伊朗駐村,用自行車零件創造樂器,最後在德黑蘭的一個公園裡展覽。他的作品跨音樂與裝置的領域,都為觀眾互動、類比電子與聲音的物理性為主。

-- ● Ramaputratantra 由來自印尼萬隆的樂手Rama Saputra所主導的實驗電子/環境/部落音樂/噪音計畫。他對於類比技術及神秘主義實踐中涉及的音樂元素的興趣,促使他嘗試運用硬體設備產生無法重現的頻率,及聲音上不可預期的可能性。

-- ● LICA 聲音實驗玩家; 演出使用no-input配置或人聲技巧、日常聲音捕捉,創造所想傳遞的情感與事件交織的世界觀。



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▋time ▋ sun, jun 4, 2023 7:00pm door opens / 7:30pm show starts

▋venue ▋ jiang shan yi gai suo (no. 1, xingda st., hsinchu city)

▋donation for entry ▋ $200-300 name your own price

※ no outside food or drink allowed.


▋about the performers ▋ ● Rübezahl (DE) Rübezahl is an electronic musician, that builds his own instruments and gadgets. From his Nintento Gameboy he is sending bleeps and pulses at extremes speeds, where fast becomes the new slow. Combined with the soothing sounds of the unique Xaphoon, a mixture between a flute and a saxophone, it creates an apocalyptic atmosphere that is surprisingly fun and deliciously entertaining. His self built instruments are one of a kind, incorporating the audience and the environment in the performance, have a focus on analogue electronics and exploring the physical facet of sound.

-- ● Ramaputratantra (ID) An electronica/ambient-tribal/noise project of Bandung-based artist Rama Saputra. His interest in analog technology and the musical elements involved in certain occult practices, led him to play with the possibilities of synthetic frequencies coming out of hardware machines that cannot be reproduced.

-- ● LICA EXPERIMENTAL PLAYER. USING NO-INPUT SET OR VOCAL/ DAILY SOUND CAPTURE TO MAKE IT NOISE. The vibe of the performance is characterized by depression, mania, and the expanding the field and region.

Has a local sound collection electronic music project between Indonesia and Taiwan called “sundialll” with Rama Saputra.

Now a member of the Taipei punk group “Suck Glue Boys”


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