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3月25日 週六



表演〉來自田野:音樂與(非)音樂 from the fields: music & (non)music

表演〉來自田野:音樂與(非)音樂 from the fields: music & (non)music
表演〉來自田野:音樂與(非)音樂 from the fields: music & (non)music


2023年3月25日 下午8:00 – 2023年3月26日 下午9:30

新竹市, 300台湾新竹市東區興達街1號


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▋時間 ▋ 2023/03/25(六) 19:30入場 / 20:00開演

▋地點 ▋ 江山藝改所(新竹市東區興達街1號)

▋入場贊助 ▋ $200-300自由定價 報名表單:

※ 請勿攜帶外食飲品


▋關於表演者 ▋ ● Emma Palm / No Translation(美國) Emma Palm以No Translation的名義進行個人演出,Emma Palm是一位居住在洛杉磯的美籍臺裔音樂家與視覺藝術家。 她的音樂結合了合成器、田野錄音、古琴和人聲,創造出具冥想性的聲景的聲響拼貼,反映出認同、環境、記憶與溝通的交互連結。

-- ● Marc Merza(美國) Marc Merza是一位居住在洛杉磯的美籍菲律賓裔藝術家與音樂家。 他的錄音有時是即興和自然而然發生的,有時則是經過精心製作、雕琢和反覆製作的。 他經常使用吉他、單簧管和庫林鐺(一種菲律賓傳統鑼組)作曲來與他人對話,但使用循環磁帶、田野錄音和電子器材在他的音樂中也能聽見。

作為雙人組合,Marc和Emma運用他們的技巧和聲音藝術的技術來創作體驗、表演和裝置,進一步探索他們個人創作中的主題。 他們目前的目標是繼續透過聲景探討個人認同和亞裔美國僑民。 2023 年,二人計畫共同前往各自的家族移民母國(菲律賓和臺灣)旅行,為近期的作品獲取靈感、素材和資訊。

-- ● Paolo Gàiba Riva (pgr)(義大利) 自2011年起,深入探究人們所指稱的「(非)音樂」中更原始、更真誠和毫不妥協的部分。研究讓我感到愉悅的各種衝突、動態及靜止狀態的聲響。無需特別展現或傳遞任何東西,任何人都可以得到屬於自己的詮釋。 目的是喚醒聽眾的意識並專注於當下。 一個面對荒謬生活的庇護所。

-- ● 張登堯 享受讓二胡發出各種好像快要壞掉的聲響,在舞台上容易進入類似起乩的狀態。江山藝改所主理人(所長)。

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from the fields: music & (non)music

▋time ▋ sat, mar 25, 2023 7:30pm door opens / 8:00pm show starts

▋venue ▋ jiang shan yi gai suo (no. 1, xingda st., hsinchu city)

▋donation for entry ▋ $200-300 self-pricing donation booking form:

※ no outside food or drink allowed.


▋about the performers ▋ ● Emma Palm / No Translation (US) No Translation is the solo project of Emma Palm, a Taiwanese-American musician and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Her music incorporates synthesizers, field recordings, guqin, and vocals to create sonic collages of meditative soundscapes that reflect on the interconnectedness of identity, environment, memory, and communication.

-- ● Marc Merza (US) Marc Merza is a Filipino-American artist and musician based in Los Angeles, California. His recordings are at times improvisational and spontaneous, and other times, heavily crafted, sculpted and reworked. He often composes on guitar, clarinet and Kulintang (a Filipino gong set) to speak to others, but the use of tape loops, field recordings and electronic equipment are not foreign in Marc’s music.

As a duo, Marc and Emma utilize both of their skill sets and sound art techniques to create experiences, performances and installations that further explore themes found in their solo work. Their current objective is to continue to investigate personal identity and Asian American diaspora through sonic landscapes. In 2023, the duo intend to travel together to their respective family’s countries (the Philippines and Taiwan) with the intention to gather inspiration, material and information for upcoming works.

-- ● Paolo Gàiba Riva (pgr) (IT) Digging into the rawer, more sincere and without compromise parts of what people call "(non)music" since 2011. Researching the clash, the dynamic and the static state of the sounds which please me. No need to show or transmit anything in particular, anyone gets his own conclusion. The aim is to wake up the listeners’ awareness and focus on the moment. A shelter to face the paradox of life.

-- ● Chang Deng-Yao Enjoy making erhu to sound like it is going to be broken. Easy to enter a state similar to that of a ghost on stage. The director/owner of Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo.


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