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4月29日 週六



表演〉My universe space light on…|月球實驗室 MoonLab X 德狗 Tek Káu

表演〉My universe space light on…|月球實驗室 MoonLab X 德狗 Tek Káu


4月29日 下午8:00 – 下午9:00

新竹市, 300台湾新竹市東區興達街1號


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▋時間 ▋ 2023/04/29(六) 19:30入場 / 20:00開演

▋地點 ▋ 江山藝改所(新竹市東區興達街1號)

▋入場 ▋ $200-300自由定價

※ 請勿攜帶外食飲品


▋關於表演者 ▋ ● 月球實驗室 許瑋,月球實驗室主持人,1個人的樂團,包含詞曲、編曲、合成器、電吉他、錄音、製作,用音樂研究躁鬱的生活。


-- ● 德狗 我們的時間都是有限的, 你可以選擇做出行動或者繼續等待。

我在小房間中獨處的時光,是最自由且快樂的,在這裡我可以為所欲為。 我享受每個彈奏的時刻,回覆剛剛彈奏出的音符與聲響, 所有彈出的內容都是我最愛的。


去吧,即興你的人生:) 我的朋友

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▋time ▋ sat, apr 29, 2023 7:30pm door opens / 8:00pm show starts

▋venue ▋ jiang shan yi gai suo (no. 1, xingda st., hsinchu city)

▋entrance ▋ name your own price between $200-300

※ no outside food or drink allowed.


▋about the performers ▋ ● MoonLab Hsu Wei, the host of MoonLab, 1-member band, including songwriting, arranger, synthesizer, electric guitar, recording, using music to write the bipolar life.

The world after 2009 is completely calm and extremely manic. In 2022, MoonLab started to record this tour of endless fantasy journey, floating in the vastness of the universe.

-- ● Tek Káu Our time is limited, You can choose to do something or just keep waiting.

Every moment I stay in my tiny room, It’s the freest and most joyful. I can do whatever I want here. I enjoy every moment I play my instruments, responding the notes and sound I just made. All contents are my favorite.

Each show I perform is unique. Vibrates with the space, time, moment. Its the most unique and organic version ever.

Go ahead. Improvise your life My friends.


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