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9月02日 週六



放映〉《家庭旅行》放映+座談會 "Family Trips" screening + talk

放映〉《家庭旅行》放映+座談會 "Family Trips" screening + talk
放映〉《家庭旅行》放映+座談會 "Family Trips" screening + talk


2023年9月02日 下午8:00 – 2023年9月03日 下午9:15

新竹市, 300台湾台灣新竹市興達街1號


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▋時間 ▋ 2023/09/02(六) 19:30入場 / 20:00開始放映

▋地點 ▋ 江山藝改所(新竹市東區興達街1號)

▋映後座談來賓 ▋ 劉紀汎(本片導演) 劉紀彤(本片導演)

▋參加方式 ▋ 免費入場,會後自由贊助 登記報名:

▲ 片長約24分鐘 ▲ 映後有導演座談會

※ 請勿攜帶外食飲品


▋關於影片 ▋ 2020年底,導演們發現父親受疫情影響導致工作停擺,生活失去重心、不知所措。於是在這樣的機緣下,產生邀請父母一起做作品的念頭,從發想、規劃行程、整理素材開始,進而發現他們倆三十年來拍攝的家庭旅行錄影帶,便是最珍貴的素材。於是有了《家庭旅行》這部紀錄片——



疫情的緣故,爸爸無法自由飛行、工作停滯。若過往是一種望向偌大風景的觀光;此刻,邀請他安排一趟關於「他」的旅程、回望自身。作品以此時私密的家庭旅行用手機錄下的Full HD影像,以及幼時爸爸帶團拍攝的V8影像為主,影格大小展現了影像時間跨距,交錯了爸爸、媽媽、兒子、女兒拍攝的影像;鏡頭眼光與拍攝者主被動的改變,於家庭之間迴盪出生命的各個階段。


《家庭旅行》 劉紀汎、劉紀彤 臺灣〡2022〡彩色〡24 min〡臺語、中文發音 這部作品是移居在外多年的兄妹,為了和父母相處,開啟的一趟實驗之旅。嘗試以父母陪伴成長的方式—家庭旅行、拍攝影像,陪伴此刻的他們。作品以此趟家庭旅行和過往爸爸帶團時拍攝的家庭錄影帶為主,影格大小展現了影像時間跨距,交錯了爸爸、媽媽、兒子、女兒拍攝的影像;鏡頭眼光與拍攝者主被動關係的改變,於家庭之間迴盪生命的各個階段,進行了一場關係的雕塑。


▋關於導演 ▋ ● 劉紀汎 1988年出生於高雄,畢業於國立清華大學藝術創作研究所,現職為自由藝術創作者。近年悠遊於繪本插畫與藝術創作之間。作品形式以平面繪畫、半立體裝置和錄像為主,探討身體記憶中具有陰性特質的男性個體,以及性別對立之劃分消逝的可能。 曾獲《奇美藝術獎》、《台灣美術新貌獎》、《竹塹獎》等獎項。2022年作品入選南方影展以及獲得南瀛獎佳作,參與新營文化中心展覽「青春嶺」;2019年參與臺北當代藝術館「街大歡囍—呼吸容易換氣難,質感生活多簡單」街區藝術季。繪有繪本《咪咪去哪裡?》、《TSMC台積電綠繪本》、《濃情荔汁》等。

-- ● 劉紀彤 1993年出生於高雄,畢業於臺北藝術大學藝術跨領域研究所,現為專職藝術創作者。創作多於日常風景中尋找刺點、進行戳破的動作,近年關注現代化設施下成為不可見的場所,尤其腳下地景與續存語言之間的斷裂,追憶想不起來的記憶、回望自身與之的關係。 2023年參與國家人權博物館「傾聽裂隙的迴聲」綠島人權藝術季;2022年獲台北美術獎優選,入選南方影展以及獲得南瀛獎佳作,參與新營文化中心展覽「青春嶺」,出版書籍《她是從本島來的駐村藝術家》;2021年於臺南總爺國際藝術村舉辦個展「Mǎn-doǔ-lán」;2019年在臺南絕對空間舉辦個展「沿河」。

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▋time ▋ sat, sep 2, 2023 7:30pm door opens / 8:00pm screening starts

▋venue ▋ jiang shan yi gai suo no. 1, xingda st., hsinchu city

▋post-screening talk ▋ LIU Chi-Fan (co-director of the video) LIU Chi-Tung (co-director of the video)

▋entry ▋ free entry, free donation after the screening reserve a seat:

▲ The duration of the screening is about 24 minutes. ▲ A post-screening talk will be conducted by the directors (in Mandarin).

※ no outside food or drink allowed.


▋about the video ▋ At the end of 2020, the directors found out that their father's job had been affected by the pandemic, causing him to lose balance and direction in life. As a result, they had the idea of inviting their parents to collaborate on a film together. Starting from the brainstorming and planning of the project, they discovered that the most precious material they had was the family travel footage they had been recording for over 30 years. Thus, the documentary "Family Travels" was born.

Over 60 years ago, their father left his hometown of Yanshui and arrived at the Xinying train station with his parents. He jumped onto the train excitedly, not knowing that he would never follow his grandfather to sell pork at the market again. A few hours later, he walked out of the Kaohsiung train station and headed south on Zhongshan Road, becoming a man who grew up in the night markets of the big city.

As he grew up, Taiwan's economy took off. He became a Japanese tour guide and shuttled back and forth between Taiwan and Japan, accompanying numerous families on trips. In his memory, when he returned home, he always slept soundly on the couch, exhausted. The most complete moments of family togetherness were when they traveled with his tours. Family travels became the way to express intimate emotions.

Due to the pandemic, his freedom to fly was restricted and his work stagnated. If in the past, traveling was a way of looking at the vast scenery, then now, he was invited to plan a journey about "himself" and look back on his own life. The film uses Full HD footage shot with mobile phones during this private family trip, as well as V8 footage filmed by the father with his tours when the children were young. The different sizes of the frames show the span of time, and the images shot by the father, mother, son, and daughter interweave with each other. The changes in the perspectives and roles of the cameramen echo the different stages of life within the family.


Family Trips LIU Chi-Tung, LIU Chi-Fan Taiwan|2022|Exp|Color|24 min|Taiwanese, Mandarin This work is about an experimental trip attempted by a pair of siblings who have moved out for years to get along with their parents again. The directors endeavoured to accompany their parents now, as their parents used to accompany them, with a family trip and home videos. The work is composed of video clips from this journey and the video my father took when tour guiding in the past. The different frame sizes between V8 and full- HD video represents the time span and image interlacing by father, mother, son, and daughter. The shifting of camera shoot and the alteration of being filmed and filming (passive and active), echo the various stages of life in the family and shape a sculpture of family relationships.


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