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1月20日 週六



LILLIE CREATURES [恆星形成巡迴] 𓂏 ❱❱❱ ⌁ ✹✷✶ 新竹

LILLIE CREATURES [恆星形成巡迴] 𓂏 ❱❱❱ ⌁ ✹✷✶  新竹
LILLIE CREATURES [恆星形成巡迴] 𓂏 ❱❱❱ ⌁ ✹✷✶  新竹


2024年1月20日 下午7:30 – 2024年1月21日 下午9:00

東區, 300台湾新竹市東區興達街1號



✹✷ LILLIE CREATURES [台灣恆星形成巡迴]-[Star Birth Tour] Taiwan ✷✹

來自奧地利迷幻太空民謠單人女樂隊來到新竹!邀請到來自捷克迷幻巫師Urban Fungus與希臘傳統樂器布祖基琴的結合。(English below ↓↓ )

融合著些許龐克元素,作品以萬花筒般,產生了這些歌曲獨特的味道。搭配著迷幻、民謠、前衛部落聲音和太空搖滾之間舞動著。發跡於2020年日本東京。受人群發掘的LILLIE CREATURES已在台灣多處場館與音樂節出沒,沉浸式的音樂體驗,引導觀眾們跟進了她與眾不同的世界。LILLIE CREATURES 過去長期紮住在台灣,近幾年活躍在歐洲地區,今年年底將回歸台灣巡迴演出。首支單曲 [CHILD] 於 2023 年 12 月以數位形式和卡式錄音帶發行。


LILLIE CREATURES is a super space folk one-girl-band of Austrian origin launched 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Otherworldly with a punk-hearted tweak, LILLIE CREATURES synthesize haunting vocal harmonies and pulsating guitar loops into an idiosyncratic micro-orchestra. Combining elements of psychedelic, ethereal wave, tribal folk, eastern, classic, process music and space rock using only voice, acoustic guitar and sound effect pedals, her hypnotic and empowering songs evoke the hypnagorical ballad of a slow-motion supernova. Their debut single CHILD was recorded at Faust Studio Records in Prague (Czech Republic) and released digitally and on cassette tape in December 2023.


Support by psychedelic bouzouki dub wizard 《 Urban Fungus 》!

Psychedelic melodies strummed on a traditional greek instrument plugged through a jungle of guitar pedals and mixed with dubby electronic beats and spacey synth sounds - such are the magic ingredients of musician Urban Fungus. Hailing from Czech Republic, his compositions are mainly inspired by his travels through the Aegean sea, Middle-eastern deserts and the acid mountains of Taiwan.



Urban Fungus (CZ)


Start: 19:30

Ticket: 350NTS (doors only)


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