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5月19日 週日






2024年5月19日 下午7:30 – 下午9:30

東區, 300台湾新竹市東區興達街1號


▋時間 ▋ 2024/05/19(日)19:00入場 / 19:30開演 ▋地點 ▋ 江山藝改所(新竹市東區興達街1號) ▋入場贊助 ▋ $250-350自由定價 ※ 請勿攜帶外食飲品 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ▋關於表演者 ▋ ● Outdoor Horse Shrine Outdoor Horse Shrine是來自美國辛辛那提的Joe Wang的粗噪音演出名義。他透過無輸入混音、循環與數位取樣等手法,創造出由刺耳的電子回授聲響所構成的動態聲音織畫。就像他自己作為北美亞裔移民的經歷一樣,Joe試圖喚起在陰暗的地下室裡砸毀廢金屬,以及駕馭純電力時的那種令人著迷的感覺。 -- ● Mira 具有古典音樂和視覺藝術背景,Mari-Lousie du Plessis,亦稱Mira,是一位藝術家、作曲家和實驗表演者。她透過表演探索傳統藝術、音樂創作和多媒體實踐之間的界線。Mari-Louise對跨領域和合作計畫有興趣,並與不同藝術家在不同藝術形式中尋找嶄新的表達方式。 -- ● Dermal Stretching Dermal Stretching是一個根基於臺北的個人噪音計畫。專注於極端的電子聲響,Dermal Stretching利用無輸入混音、音響回授、物件、循環和田野錄音等手法,創造出宏大汹湧的聲景和粗噪音。 feat. ● Franki Wals Franki Wals是一位多領域藝術家,其創作涵蓋聲音、錄像、文字和其他表達方式。他的作品試圖解決的一些主要關懷包括經驗、感知、環境以及它們之間縱橫交錯的無數條線,並採取聚焦觀察、田野錄音和裝置等策略來處理它們。在現場表演時,他通常會結合不同的即興形式和聲音探索技巧。 -- ● 張登堯 享受讓二胡發出各種好像快要壞掉的聲響,在舞台上容易進入類似起乩的狀態。江山藝改所主理人(所長)。 <<< english version >>> ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ▋time ▋ sun, may 19, 2024 7pm door opens / 7:30pm show starts ▋venue ▋ jiang shan yi gai suo no. 1, xingda st., hsinchu city ▋donation for entry ▋ $250-350 self-pricing donation ※ no outside food or drink allowed. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ▋about the performers ▋ ● Outdoor Horse Shrine Outdoor Horse Shrine is the harsh noise moniker of Joe Wang from Cincinnati, OH, USA. Through the use of no-input mixing, loops, and digital sampling, Joe creates a dynamic sonic tapestry of harsh electronic feedback. Akin to his own experience as someone from the Asian diaspora in North America, Joe attempts to evoke the enthralling feelings of smashing junk metal in a dingy basement and harnessing the power of pure electricity. -- ● Mira With a background in classical music and visual arts, Mari-Lousie du Plessis, also known as Mira, is an artist, composer and experimental performer. Throughout her performances, she explores the boundaries between traditional art, music composition and multimedia practices. Mari-Louise is interested in interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, working with various artists and art forms, in search of new ways of expression. -- ● Dermal Stretching Dermal Stretching is a Taipei-based solo noise project. Focused on extreme electronic sounds, Dermal Stretching uses no-input mixing, acoustic feedback, objects, looping and field recordings to create massive, swimming soundscapes and harsh noise. feat. ● Franki Wals Franki Wals is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses sound, video, text, and other means of expression. Some of the main concerns tackled in his work include experience, perception, environment, and the myriad lines that crisscross between them, employing strategies such as focused observation, field recordings, and installations to engage with them. When performing live, he usually combines different improvisation formats and sound exploration techniques. -- ● CHANG Deng-Yao Enjoys making the erhu sound like it is about to break and easily enters a medium-like state on stage. The director/owner of Jiangshan Art Cafe.


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